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The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

August 13, 2022

Hey book gnomes! Let’s talk about THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren! This incredibly talented author duo is another new addition to my library and I have no good excuse for why it took me so long to read this book. THE SOULMATE EQUATION is another book that would work perfectly for any book club or buddy read. It has all the properties of a snarky rom-com, mixed with a heart-wrenching ugly cry. But don’t just take my word for it … go read this gem yourself!

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Thoughts on the Audiobook

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren book review
Have you read THE SOULMATE EQUATION yet?

I borrowed a copy of this audiobook via Scribd and really enjoyed the narration done by Patti Murin. When listening to an audiobook, I need to be able to distinguish between the characters. Murin does a fantastic job of separating the characters and adding enough emphasis to their dialogue so the story comes alive.


If you enjoy audiobooks, I highly recommend SCRIBD.


Oh yes, 5 stars!

The banter between the characters is what really set this book over the top. Not only between Jess and River but also between Jess and her best friend, Fizzy. There were more than a few points in this book where I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Though the budding romance between Jess and River was the focus of THE SOULMATE EQUATION, the supporting characters were some of my favorites! I loved Jess’s daughter, Juno, to pieces! She was smart, opinionated, and so sassy! And her interaction with River is priceless!

Who doesn’t want a best friend as pushy, bubbly, and outgoing as Fizzy? Or grandparents as supportive and loving as Pops and Nana Jo? Or meddlesome sisters like River’s? Jess has built up such a supportive little community around her and June … it’s almost like a magical other world. The only characters I didn’t care for were Jess’s deadbeat/moocher of a mother and another person but … SPOILERS! You’ll have to read for yourself to find out who.

This isn’t exactly what I would call an enemies-to-lovers book but River is a seriously snobbish and rude man in the beginning of this book. However, the tentative chemistry between the two of them makes up for it. This is one love story I wish I could read for the first time all over again.

HEAT LEVEL: 🌶️🌶️ (2/5)
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THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren is all about finding your soulmate via your DNA and what happens when two people who can’t stand each other find out they’re matched at the highest compatibility in the history of the company. Tired of online dating, single mom Jessica Davis submits her DNA to GeneticAlly on a whim, not really expecting anything to come of it. But when her results come back showing a 98% compatibility with the company’s founder, Dr. River Peña, she’s presented with a proposition: get to know River and make some money. But as the two go on a few dates and make appearances to the public, is it possible that a relationship could be forming between them?

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I would highly recommend THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren for anyone who enjoys a witty rom-com with all the feels to give you a seriously ugly cry.

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