review policy

Welcome and let me first thank you for your interest in partnering with Bookstacks & Golden Moms.

Status: We are currently accepting books and products for review or sponsorship as long as they fit our guidelines, as outlined below ๐Ÿ’•

Terms & Conditions for Book Reviews

  1. We only accept PRINT and KINDLE copies. At this time, we will not accept any other formats.
  2. If we accept your book, we WILL review it in the following places: ON OUR BLOG, GOODREADS, AMAZON, INSTAGRAM (1.2K followers), and FACEBOOK (321 followers). A pin image of our review will be cross-posted on PINTEREST (23.5K monthly viewers).
  3. If you are interested in Instagram photos, a PRINT COPY is required for the simple reason that they photograph better.
  4. We do not review or share on Twitter.
  5. We do not charge for book reviews, but offer optional social media spotlights for a minimal charge.
  6. If we agree to review your book, a complimentary copy MUST be sent to us (either via mail or electronically). Please do not request a review and then ask us to purchase the book. (That’s rude.)
  8. Genres we WILL NOT accept: HORROR, EROTICA, MEMOIRS.
  9. If we give a negative review of your book, please keep in mind that we are reviewing THE BOOK, not you.
  10. If you want to host a giveaway on Bookstacks & Golden Moms, YOU are responsible for providing and delivering the book to the winner.

Terms & Conditions for Product & Service Reviews/Sponsorships

  1. If we agree to review/promote your product/service, we will require it to be provided to us, free of charge.
  2. We will not sponsor a product or service we have not personally used. (That’s unethical)
  3. A fee will be charged for unsolicited collaborations. If we request to work with a brand or author, we will do so free of charge.
  4. If you want to host a giveaway on Bookstacks & Golden Moms, YOU are responsible for providing the prize and delivering it to the winner.

If you accept our terms & conditions, please email your collaboration/review request to with the subject line: REVIEW or COLLABORATION (depending on which you choose).

We look forward to collaborating with you!