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It’s Raining Men by Julie Hammerle | Release Day Review

July 27, 2021
It's Raining Men Julie Hammerle

Hi book friends! How is everyone’s Tuesday going? It is super hot here this week so I’ve been spending a lot of time inside reading ๐Ÿ™‚ And today, I’m sharing my release day review for It’s Raining Men by Julie Hammerle, a fun rom-com from one of my favorite publishers, Entangled.

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I guess I like big books …

It’s Raining Men is another big book I’ve added to my Goodreads challenge for this year. I read it in a little over a day, which is impressive at 400 pages!

After a drunken night of feeling sorry for herself because her best friend is getting married and didn’t tell her (and isn’t going to grow old and single with her), Dr. Annie sends out a mass text to all the single guys in her phone. A mass text asking if any of them would be interested in getting married … just for convenience sake. Surprisingly enough, two guys answer back YES!

It’s Raining Men is like a hilarious rom-com version of the Bachelorette. Two candidates, one choice. Or are there three candidates???

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It's Raining Men by Julie Hammerle

IT’S RAINING MEN by Julie Hammerle
Published: July 27, 2021 by Entangled Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 400 pages
Format Read: Kindle eARC
Buy It: Amazon
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Reviewed by: Megan
Challenges: 2021 Literary Escapes Reading Challenge – Illinois
โญโญโญโญ (4/5 stars)
Heat Level: ๐Ÿ”ฅ


Don’t drink and text.

Even on the cusp of forty, I had to learn that the hard way. After discovering my best friend, who I was supposed to grow old and single with, got engaged, I drowned my loneliness in one too many Old Fashioneds and woke up with thirty-nine responses from every available man in my phone. Yup, I even texted my plumber … and he turned me down.

Apparently, my liquor-infused text said that while I don’t need a man, maybe I’d be down for a constant sidekick for movies, plus-one invites, and dinner on the table after my grueling shifts as a concierge doctor – till death do us part … and was anyone in?

Through the absolute mortification of thirty-seven rejections, shockingly, I realize two men have said yes. Behind Bachelor Door #1 is Rob, my old high school crush: the comfortable, dependable boy-next-door. Behind Bachelor Door #2 is Darius, the exciting, flashy news reporter about to hit it big. Does this mean I’ll have to get out of my yoga pants and actually go on dates now?

Dax, the local bartender who got me into this disaster in the first place – remember the Old Fashioneds? – can’t believe I’ve given up on finding true love. What does a tattooed, broody twentysomething know about carving out a future for yourself, anyway?

Too bad the further into this hot mess I get, the less I know about who I am. And I’m going to have to figure out exactly what I need if I ever want to find a true happily ever after.

>>> I received this eARC (digital advanced reader copy) as part of my participation in a blog tour for It’s Raining Men with Greyโ€™s Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Julie Hammerle. The gifting of this ebook did not affect my opinion of it. <<<

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What a Cast of Characters!

For the majority of It’s Raining Men, I did not like Kelly, the so-called “best friend”. The book starts with her springing an engagement on Annie, saying she’s moving out of their shared house, and turning into a bridezilla. While she has her moments, she was one of my least favorite characters.

Then there are the Bachelors: Darius and Rob. Annie is already a doctor to some celebrities so dating Darius isn’t quite the leap it would be for most people. Still, she’s introduced to an entirely new world – parties and night clubs. At the same time, Rob is the comforting boy-next-door she used to crush on in High School. Their mothers are best friends so it makes sense, right?

A seemingly easy choice turns into a very complicated mess, especially once Annie starts developing feelings for Dax, her 27-year-old musician roommate. Such an adorable rom-com! The fact that they both connect over their wealth of useless facts is even more meant to be.

It's Raining Men Julie Hammerle

Final Answer for It’s Raining Men?

I adored this book! If you’re looking for an entertaining summer read, It’s Raining Men is the perfect choice. Between the plot and the characters, you won’t want to put it down!

About the Author – Julie Hammerle

Julie Hammerle author photo

USA Today bestselling author Julie Hammerle has written several books for Entangled Teen, Teen Crush, August, and Amara. A Jill of all trades, she has studied opera, taught Latin, and written about TV on the internet. She currently writes from her home in Chicago while her kids are in school. Julie loves cooking, fitness, Game of Thrones, and music released before 1999.

Website | Goodreads | Amazon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bookbub | Newsletter

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Want more from Julie Hammerle?

Have you read Julie Hammerle’s books before? The North Pole, Minnesota ones look exciting for this Upper Midwest native ๐Ÿ™‚ Let us know in the comments below if you’ve read any!

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  • Reply Wendy Williams July 27, 2021 at 5:46 pm

    Great review, you summed it up perfectly.. I’ve also read this one and really enjoyed it too.

  • Reply Lashaan Balasingam July 28, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    Sounds like this turned out to be a blast! Glad you enjoyed it this much. Thanks for sharing, Megan! ๐Ÿ˜€

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