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Cupcakes & Chaos by Lisa Siefert | Cozy Mystery Review

August 1, 2021
Cupcakes & Chaos Lisa Siefert

Hi book friends! Who’s up for a cozy mystery? I’m so new to cozies and while looking through videos for my BookTube post, I stumbled on not only a booktuber who reads cozy mysteries but one who writes them, as well. Cupcakes & Chaos is the first book in an bakery-themed cozy mystery series by author Lisa Siefert and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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First thoughts about Cupcakes & Chaos

Cupcakes & Chaos is an adorable cozy mystery and my first exposure to the writing talents of Lisa Siefert. I am so new to this genre but I love that you get the mystery aspects of trying to solve a whodunnit murder investigation without the scare-your-pants-off thriller aspect. I’m too chicken for thrillers.

“An enjoyable tale of chaos.”

Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars
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Cupcakes and Chaos Lisa Siefert

CUPCAKES & CHAOS by Lisa Siefert
Series: Frosted Misfortunes Mysteries #1
Published: July 10, 2020 by Peach Plains Paranormal
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Length: 203 pages
Format Read: Kindle Unlimited
Buy It: Amazon
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Reviewed by: Megan
⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 (4.5/5 stars)
Challenges: 2021 Literary Escapes Challenge – Maine


Hi! I’m Ava Decker, forensic accountant turned pastry chef. After being ghosted at my own wedding, I decided to leave California and return home to Maine where I grew up. While my parents are enjoying an all expenses paid cruise, aka as my non-refundable honeymoon, I’m house sitting for them back in Clover Creek.

My lifelong dream of owning my own bakery finally comes true but unfortunately, it’s only because the owner of the bakery turns up dead in the cupcake truck that I was driving. And to make things worse, I’m the prime murder suspect because she decided to leave both her bakery and her house to me in her will, despite the fact that I just met her two weeks ago.

In the process of being arrested, I also become a kitty mom to an adorable ruddy Abyssinian who thinks he’s a dog and suffers from separation anxiety. Now, it will take all of my mystery movie watching know-how to help solve this crime myself.

“I just love this start to a new series! I mostly love dogs, but this kitten won my heart paws down.”

Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

I loved all the Aurora Teagarden references!

So, Aurora Teagarden has been on my watch list ever since I binge-watched the final season of Fuller House, staring Candace Cameron Bure. It wasn’t until I decided to see if Aurora Teagarden was a book character, as well, that I stumbled on an entire series of books.

It was such a cute addition how often Ava referred to Aurora Teagarden or the Hallmark Mysteries & Movies, referencing her wealth of cozy mystery knowledge to try to prove her own innocence. While she seriously makes light of the fact that she’s the prime suspect in a murder she didn’t commit, I loved the references 🙂 And I agree with her best friend Ruby … the girl doesn’t understand that the situation she’s in is DANGEROUS!

What about Officer McHottie?

I loved Officer McHottie Lockwood. And Ava’s best friend Ruby referring to him as “Officer McHottie” is hilarious! I know this isn’t a romance but I was so hoping for more between her and the sexy almost-detective … maybe in a future book (one where she isn’t accused of murder).

Some Serious Cover-Lovin’!

One thing I’ve come to notice about cozy mysteries is that the covers are so freaking adorable! The Frosted Misfortunes series really isn’t an exception to that. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d probably go with the final book in the series, Vanilla & Vendettas, though Minion Two’s favorite would definitely be Cupcakes & Chaos … kid has a thing for pink 🙂

My first cat mystery

While I am 100% definitely a dog person, not a cat person … this was a cute story. I liked Lucky the kitten … probably because he’s still just a kitten and not a full-grown cat. I would love to see Lisa write a dog mystery but for now, I’ll definitely be continuing the Frosted Misfortunes and see what other troubles befall Ava and little Lucky.

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What would you do if your boss suddenly died and left a bakery and a mansion to you in her will? Oh, and you’re the prime suspect in her murder!
Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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