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A Beginner’s Christian TBR

April 18, 2021
a beginner's Christian tbr

Are you a Christian fiction reader? I’ve recently fallen in love with the genre as I’ve searched for cleaner, more uplifting stories to read. The more I grow in my own faith, the more I enjoy reading stories about people who are on similar journeys. As I branch into the genre, I’d love recommendations from anyone who has some Christian Fiction (and non-fiction) books or authors they absolutely love!

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Over the past 4 years of book blogging, Crystal and I have repeatedly supported Indie authors and smaller published authors. As I’ve started growing in my faith, I believe that God has been directing me toward doing the same thing for Christian fiction. This afternoon, I put out a challenge to all my bookish friends on Facebook to recommend some of their favorite Christian fiction authors and I’m so excited to start diving into the list they’ve given me!

So often when I see blogs recommending Christian books, they’re Amish fiction or historical. While I enjoy a good historical romance as much as the next, I’d like to see more contemporary books in the Christian genre. So, I’m searching Goodreads and social media to create my own list!

Why Christian books?

Considering some of the books I’ve read in the past (and my love of steamy romances), I feel this question should be addressed before I dive into my TBR.

I spend a large amount of time reading. Lately, it’s been mostly Bible study. But I always have loved fiction books. In searching for Christian fiction, I want more of my time spent reading to honor God, as my Bible study time does. I want to experience humanity’s creativity at its best … but I still crave those books that have a strong faith aspect in them. In branching out to Christian fiction and non-fiction, I’m hoping to find the best of both worlds ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: As the audience for this blog isn’t strictly Christian, I’ll only be posting some of the reviews on Bookstacks & Golden Moms. But every Christian book (fiction or non-fiction) that I read/review will be shared under the hashtag #ReadChristian and on our Faith blog.

Christian Fiction Authors/Books I Want to Read

Karen Kingsbury – I fell in love with the Baxter family when I read A Baxter Family Christmas (one of the many NetGalley books that’s been sitting on my TBR forever!!)

The Baxters are an amazing family (not too perfect) with a solid, uplifting faith background. Karen’s stories are incredibly touching, with a large focus on family. I can’t wait to read more of the Baxter family, starting with Love Story (the first in the series).

Tamara Alexander & Lynn Austin – I’ve grouped these two authors together because both of them have books set in the Civil War era that I’d like to read. I’ve always enjoyed Civil War books, ever since Gone with the Wind and I can’t wait to read these authors’ interpretations of the era.

Robin Jones Gunn – This is another Christian author I’ve read before but I’ve only read a few of her books.

From what I remember of Robin’s books, I absolutely loved the small town setting, the characters, and the overall story. A few books of hers that I’d like to read in the near future include: Sunsets (#4 in the Glenbrook series) and Sisterchicks on the Loose (#1 in the Sisterchicks series).

Have you joined our AtoZ Reading Challenge yet? If not, what are you waiting for??

Non-Fiction Christian Books

Book covers link to Amazon using our affiliate links. Images are used courtesy of Goodreads.

Many of you who know me also know that I’m not a fan of non-fiction books. I’ve never been drawn to self-help books or biographies of some celebrity or president who thinks the entire world wants to hear their story (and many of them are right!). But, as I’ve grown in my faith, I’ve found a few celebrities and pastors who share the same faith as I do and whose books showcase God and what He has done in their life. Not quite self-help but more spiritual help. Goodness knows, I could use more of that!

So, for the time being, I’m making a little exception to my no-non-fiction rule ๐Ÿ™‚ Who knows, you may find something that calls to you, as well …

Candace Cameron Bure

Kind is the New Classy
Dancing Through Life
Reshaping it All

I was a Full House fan as a child, a Fuller House fan as an adult, and I can’t wait to read Candace Cameron Bure’s spiritually motivational books! I’ve already started Dancing Through Life: Steps of Courage and Conviction and I love how she intertwines her experience on Dancing with the Stars to her faith. There are many little nuggets in this book that I feel God has put in my path for a reason … nuggets I need to learn from.

Pastor Craig Groeschel

winning the war in your mind craig groeschel
the Christian atheist Craig Groeschel
From this day forward craig and amy groeschel

Around the beginning of the year, I found Life.Church, which is a Christian church that holds online services, as well. I started watching some of the previous sermons and felt like God put Pastor Craig in my path for a reason. I have a few of his books on my Kindle and would like to read them this year, though I haven’t purchased his newest book, Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life yet. The sermons that went along with the release of this book were absolutely amazing so I expect the book to be just as powerful.

And the list goes on …

This is, by no means, all of the Christian fiction and non-fiction books I want to read. But, as I am a newbie to this genre, I’m starting small (though the TBR in my Bible study notebook has already grown to a page and a half).

Do you read Christian fiction? How about non-fiction? Leave me some recommendations in the comments below and I’d love to check out some of your favorites!

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